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#39 – Postcyberpunk and Transhumanism

After cyberpunk had its day, a more mature, less countercultural successor to it emerged, known as postcyberpunk. In this episode, we explore what makes it distinctive and how it ties in with the ideas of transhumanism. Book recommendation: Existence by … Continue reading

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How The Last Jedi Fixes Star Wars; Yes, I Said It.

I wrote before that I believe Star Wars: The Last Jedi redeemed the franchise in several important ways. This is a complicated topic, but I want to try to give you an outline of my thoughts. To talk about The … Continue reading

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2014 is coming! Are we ready for it?

Science fiction author David Brin has argued here and elsewhere that the defining year that begins a new century is not the year ending in 00, but the year ending in 14. It’s an intriguing trend. After World War I … Continue reading

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