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Heavy Metals in the Cosmos

The recent discovery of gravitational waves from the neutron star merger designated GW170817 is said to prove that heavy metals like gold are produced in this extreme environment and not in supernovae, as was long thought. The teams that discovered … Continue reading

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LIGO Discovers Colliding Neutron Stars and Cosmic Gold

(Virgo doesn’t, but that’s still a good thing.) The two LIGO observatories and Virgo are the world’s three operational gravitational wave observatories. These observatories use incredibly precise lasers to detect the ripples in spacetime caused by colliding massive objects like … Continue reading

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Web Serial Review: 17776

17776 is kind of a weird one. It’s all online, so you can click to the beginning right here if you want. The Wikipedia page is here. It was posted in July, and I first saw it in August, but … Continue reading

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What If? Rejects #9.1: Tidal Waves

Previous post in this series: The Little Shop of Horrors Next post in this series: Everyone Knows It’s Slinky Q: Could you survive a tidal wave by submerging yourself in an in-ground pool? Randall’s response: A chart demonstrating that this … Continue reading

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What If? Rejects #8.2: The Little Shop of Horrors

Previous post in this series: I Am Not a (Medical) Doctor Next post in this series: Tidal Waves Q: If a Venus fly trap could eat a person, about how long would it take for the human to be fully … Continue reading

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What If? Rejects #8.1: I Am Not a Doctor

Previous post in this series: Nuke It From Orbit! Next post in this series: The Little Shop of Horrors Q: A toxin blocks the ability of the nephron tubule reabsorption but does not affect filtration. What are the possible short-term … Continue reading

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Book Review: Death’s End by Liu Cixin

Death’s End is the final installment of the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy by Liu Cixin (family name Liu), the most popular science fiction series in China. I’ve reviewed the first two books before: The Three-Body Problem and The Dark … Continue reading

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