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In the sky: Venus

Venus, the nearest planet to Earth, has long been an object of interest in the heavens. It is the brightest point-like object in the sky (for now: it only narrowly edges out the International Space Station), and aside from the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Future: the year we became an interstellar civilization

When the Voyager 1 spacecraft was launched in 1977, it’s mission was to explore Jupiter and Saturn. But 35 years and 122 astronomical units later, the venerable probe entered interstellar space. Read that again: We put a spacecraft in interstellar … Continue reading

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Book review: Bronze Summer by Stephen Baxter

1159 BC. The Trojan War has been over for a generation. The Mycenaean Greek kingdoms are crumbling. The Empire of Hatti–known to the modern world as the Hittites–is hanging by a thread, saved from collapse only by gifts of imported … Continue reading

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