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2014 is coming! Are we ready for it?

Science fiction author David Brin has argued here and elsewhere that the defining year that begins a new century is not the year ending in 00, but the year ending in 14. It’s an intriguing trend. After World War I … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Future: the year we became an interstellar civilization

When the Voyager 1 spacecraft was launched in 1977, it’s mission was to explore Jupiter and Saturn. But 35 years and 122 astronomical units later, the venerable probe entered interstellar space. Read that again: We put a spacecraft in interstellar … Continue reading

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Welcom to the Future, Part 2: Star Trek Continues

Fan-made Star Trek films and web series are nothing new. The first ones hit the Internet way back in 2000. However, a quick survey of these productions reveals that most of them suffer from substandard script-writing, substandard acting, or both, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the…past?

I occasionally write about the development of new technologies that remind me that we really are living in “the Future“, but how about one that happened nearly 70 years ago? In a little-noticed story last week, The Telegraph reported that … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Future, Episode 1

Ah, “the Future”: an era of flying cars, jet packs, ray guns, and robotic maids…well, from that list, it looks like we’re doing pretty well for ourselves. No, the future isn’t quite what we expected. The Internet has made us … Continue reading

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