Short Stories

This is the space for my various self-published science fiction short stories. I mirror all of my stories on the front page when I publish them, so just subscribe if you want to see my future writings.

The Great Silent Treatment
Why haven’t we ever heard from aliens? What if they just refuse to talk to us? Even when they show up on our doorstep?

The Wayfarers
A family in a great fleet of generation ships anticipates their arrival in a new galaxy.

High Frequency
A Wall Street trader in the near future gets more than he bargained for when his high-frequency trading AI gets carried away.

Flight Training
A young boy with superpowers begins his training and learns what it takes to be a superhero in a story that puts a realist spin on the genre.

The Lacertan Incident
A science team exploring a distant inhabited planet attracts the unwanted attention of the natives and is forced to make a quick–and very unorthodox–getaway. Set in 2154. The header image for the site is based on this story.

The Gordian Paradox
Evil AIs always seem to be fooled by logical paradoxes. Well, this one is smarter–maybe a little too smart for its own good.

3 Responses to Short Stories

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  3. sean costello says:

    i really enjoyed this story. I was actually thinking about writing my own short story with a similiar concept, and just typed the idea into google to see if it had been done before.. I would say, if and when i write my story, it won’t be quite as peaceful. But i really enjoyed the idea behind this, and the story writting. Thank you.

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