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Reading the Bible

I have read every part of the Bible at least twice and probably a majority of it three times. But one thing I have not done is to read the whole thing cover to cover in order. So I decided … Continue reading

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2014 is coming! Are we ready for it?

Science fiction author David Brin has argued here and elsewhere that the defining year that begins a new century is not the year ending in 00, but the year ending in 14. It’s an intriguing trend. After World War I … Continue reading

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Mapping the galaxy: Gaia takes off in time for Christmas

Measuring distances in space is hard. Measuring them accurately is very hard, mainly because everything is so far away. The best method is to look at the stars from places that are very far apart. Like, say, the same place … Continue reading

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No, Wi-Fi does not hurt plants–or anything else for that matter

Few things make me more irrationally angry than the news stories that circulate on the Internet every year or so about the supposed health hazards of cell phones and Wi-Fi signals. It seems like there’s no end of studies that … Continue reading

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A second planet seen in visible light–and it’s a weird one

You may have recently heard about HD 106906b, the latest of many oddballs in the rapidly growing exoplanet family. This planet orbits far away from its star, far enough that it is not lost in the glare, and can be … Continue reading

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