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What If? Rejects #3.1: Stars

Start of series: Teeth Previous entry: Tears Q: Given humanity’s current knowledge and capabilities, is it possible to build a new star? Randall’s response: A guy with a weapon labeled Sun Obliterator (Beta) says, “…I need to know by Friday.” … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Light Fantastic by Jeffrey Lang

I have another Star Trek book for you. The Light Fantastic by Jeffrey Lang is a follow-up to the Cold Equations Trilogy, as is written by the same author as Immortal Coil, which I also enjoyed very much when it … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Interstellar

There is a certain type of film that asks you to swallow a really implausible premise from the outset. For example, a giant monster movie will often ask you to accept that the best way to fight a giant monster … Continue reading

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What If? Rejects #2.2: Tears

Today’s question for What If? Rejects: Q: Is it possible to cry so much you dehydrate yourself? Randall’s response: “…Karl [submitter], is everything OK?” My response: Surprisingly yes…if we’re loose about how we define it. The human body is constantly … Continue reading

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What If? Rejects #2.1: Antimatter

It’s time for the third entry in my What If? Rejects series—questions too absurd for Randall to answer scientifically. Today’s question: Q: Would dumping anti-matter into the Chernobyl reactor when it was melting down stop the meltdown? Randall’s response: “A. … Continue reading

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