Nonfiction Essays

While I’ve included several of my short stories on separate pages on this blog, I’ve realized that there are a few series of posts that could be compiled together into standalone essays that are longer than my usual fare. I’ve been doing more analysis lately of various topics, and that will continue, but when that analysis extends across multiple posts, I think it deserves a dedicated page. This is the landing page for my nonfiction essays that I’ve compiled from old posts, and some new ones that I’ve been working on since. I’ve also put a few other special resources on this blog over the years, so I will include those as well.

The Magic Spreadsheet

Bible Reading Plans
Revised with cover-to-cover and chronological one-year reading plans.

The Definition of a Planet

Dystopian Fiction as an Inverted Hero’s Journey

Harry Potter Theory: Dumbledore’s Master Plan

The Dark Matter Flowchart, Annotated

The Real Problem with “The Cold Equations”

Who Was Really the Richest Person in History?