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State of the Blog

This won’t be a big speech or anything. I’ve leave that to certain people who enjoy making speeches on Tuesday. I just wanted to make a quick note because I’ve discovered something interesting about this blog. I’ve been maintaining this … Continue reading

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On Covering Science News

I feel like I’ve been pretty lax about talking about science news stories here. This blog is called Science Meets Fiction, but lately, when I have time to post at all, it only seems to be about fiction. Part of … Continue reading

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What If? Rejects #10.3: Turkey Day

Previous post in this series: Stunt Bike Next post in this series: Moving an Island Q: What if every day, every human had a 1 percent chance of being turned into a turkey, and every turkey had a 1 percent … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Writing The Wayfarers

Last week, I published one of my short stories, The Wayfarers, and previously, I also described my writing process that went into one of my other stories, The Lacertan Indicent, and what I learned from it, so I wanted to … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Writing The Lacertan Incident

Last week, I published one of my short stories, The Lacertan Incident, on my blog. This week, I wanted to share some of the process of how I wrote and rewrote it, and what I learned from the experience. I … Continue reading

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Children’s fantasy literature review: Introduction

Children’s books are very much a genre of their own–or rather multiple genres, since they can be realist or literary fiction, mysteries, fantasy, history, or (almost) any other adult genre, plus the different age groups: chapter books (ages 6-10), middle … Continue reading

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Another look at names

A while back, I wrote about the various resources I use to select names for characters. Now, I’d like to add one more: the Baby Name Wizard Blog. This blog is about much more than helping parents name their kids. … Continue reading

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