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Episode 44 Delayed

Hi all. Unfortunately, I need to delay this week’s episode. Production was already running slow because it’s a long episode with a lot of supplemental material, as evidenced by the bonus blog posts. And, frankly, I’ve been a bit distracted … Continue reading

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Where Did School Book Fairs Come From?

Note: in preparing the next episode of my podcast, I had a surprising amount of supplemental material that was kind of off-topic and that I didn’t have time to talk about, so I decided to save it for the blog. … Continue reading

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#43 – Solar System Exploration

Hard sci-fi stories about the exploration of our solar system became more popular beginning in the 1990s. In this episode, we explore how these ideas rose to prominence and have developed over the years. Book recommendation: The Martian by Andy Weir. … Continue reading

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New Video: Exoplanets Review January 2022

So, I decided to attempt a new video series where I talk about the latest research in the field of exoplanets. I was inspired by the Raptor Chatter channel’s “Paleontology in Review” videos, and I thought there was a niche … Continue reading

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