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The Evolution Debate: Beneficial Mutations

In the creationism-evolution debate, one of the most common creationist talking points is that random mutation cannot be the driving force behind evolution, either because it is too unlikely to happen by random chance, or because mutations can’t make any … Continue reading

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The Evolution Debate: Transitional Fossils

According to proponents of evolution, PRATTs are Points Refuted a Thousand Times—arguments by creationists against evolution that are easily refuted, yet keep coming up again and again. I’ve dissected a few of them so far to try to figure out … Continue reading

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The Evolution Debate: Micro v. Macro

VS I’m slowly moving forward with my series about evolution. In my previous posts, here and here, I’ve tried to explore why debates between evolution and creationism are so unproductive. One thing I’ve noticed is people on both sides of … Continue reading

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The Evolution Debate: What is Evolution?

Previous post in this series: Why are there still monkeys? I wrote before about one of the problems with the creation v. evolution debate being PRATTs, or “Points Refuted a Thousand Times.” In that post, I explained why “If humans … Continue reading

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Why Do Debates About Evolution Fail?

In a previous post, I analyzed the evolution debate between militant atheist Aron Ra and Christian creationist Kent Hovind. In short, I thought it was very unproductive, so I wanted to write a follow-up post describing how these debates could … Continue reading

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No, Wi-Fi does not hurt plants–or anything else for that matter

Few things make me more irrationally angry than the news stories that circulate on the Internet every year or so about the supposed health hazards of cell phones and Wi-Fi signals. It seems like there’s no end of studies that … Continue reading

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It’s (not) the end of the world as we know it, part 2

In my last post, I explained how the end of the Mayan calendar is not a harbinger of the end of the world. However, you’ve probably seen stories about other predictions, even scientific predictions, that say something very bad will … Continue reading

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