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More on Pluto: Nitrogen Glaciers and a Hazy Atmosphere

NASA has released its final batch of findings and images of Pluto from New Horizons until the main bulk of the data starts downloading in September, and there’s a lot more interesting stuff to see. Most of Pluto’s appearance is … Continue reading

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NASA Discovers the First “Earth-Like” Planet for the Third Time

There’s been buzz in the news about the latest planet discovered by NASA’s Kepler space telescope, Kepler-452b. It’s being hailed as a major discovery. It’s the first ever Earth-sized planet found in the habitable zone of a…boy, this sounds familiar, … Continue reading

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Pluto Update: Mountains, Moats, and Methane

New images from space missions are often slow to be released. The Deep Space Network isn’t exactly broadband, and they have to process the images to make them look presentable. But we still have a few new shots of Pluto … Continue reading

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Weird and Active Pluto and Charon

The New Horizons spacecraft successfully completed its flyby of Pluto on Tuesday and collected all the scientific data it was planned to without a hitch. On Wednesday, we got our first pick at what these new data revealed. Methane Ice … Continue reading

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Pluto Update: Pictures and Video!

Update: New Horizons is alive! The flyby went as planned with no computer glitches. All the data appears to be there. Also NASA TV is working now, and UStream appears to be offline, so click there for the press conferences. … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Pluto is the Largest Dwarf Planet!

At this writing, the New Horizons spacecraft is only hours away from its closest approach to Pluto. Except in the unlikely event that it crashes into something (*knocks on wood*) or the more likely event that its computer crashes (*knocks … Continue reading

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Fan Fiction Review: Star Trek Continues, Episodes 1-4

I wrote about Star Trek Continues two years ago. It aims to create new episodes of the original Star Trek series in a style as close to the original as possible. I consider Star Trek Continues to be the best … Continue reading

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You Know that Thing Where…?

What do you do when Google doesn’t understand what you’re talking about? Google is a brilliant tool for the modern era. It can search for anything in the blink of an eye…well, not quite. Searching for print books and other … Continue reading

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