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Some advice about writing advice

If you want to be a writer, you must write. But on everything else, it’s not so black and white. Whether around the Internet or in a real life writing group, writers will offer you plenty of advice, much of … Continue reading

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The end of spam?

Kaspersky Lab reported last week that spam email is on the decline, having fallen from 80%-85% of all email over the past few years to about 65% at the end of 2012. There are two main reasons for this. First … Continue reading

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How to be a writer in 1 easy step

I know that at least some of the readers of this blog are also writers, and perhaps some of you want to start writing and aren’t quite sure where to start. Well, you’re in luck, because I am about to … Continue reading

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Super-Earths are odd things. They’re bigger than Earth, but smaller than gas giant planets, different from anything in our Solar System. The exact definition is a little fuzzy. Astronomers who find planets by the motions of their stars and usually … Continue reading

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Finding little planets

The easiest planets to find are the biggest ones. The larger a planet is, the larger the effect on its parent star, which is what we can see. It’s also easiest to spot planets close to their stars, since they … Continue reading

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Welcome to the…past?

I occasionally write about the development of new technologies that remind me that we really are living in “the Future“, but how about one that happened nearly 70 years ago? In a little-noticed story last week, The Telegraph reported that … Continue reading

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2013: A look ahead

Happy New Year to all! Traditionally, the beginning of the year is a time to reflect and to look ahead, so here’s a look at what’s coming in 2013. March: Comet PANSTARRS could be the brightest comet since 2008, possibly … Continue reading

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