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JWST Launches Tomorrow! (Screams Internally)

Disclosure: I am a NASA postdoc. However, all opinions are my own. Hi, everyone. Just a PSA that the James Webb Space Telescope lifts off tomorrow morning from French Guiana. (Yes, on Christmas Day.) The launch is at 7:20 AM … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Well, it’s about time I got back to these. For those of you who started reading my blog after I started my podcast, I used to do movie reviews pretty often here. It’s just that I’ve hardly seen any new … Continue reading

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Writer’s History #6 – David Brin

In this episode, I interview David Brin, author of the Uplift Series, The Postman, Existence, and many more. David Brin’s website.Advice for new writers.Sample chapters of many of Brin’s books.Brin’s recommended reading list. Brin on Robert Heinlein.Recommended essay: “The World, the Flesh, … Continue reading

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An Obstinacy of Buffalo Buffalo

Some Linguistic Ramblings If you study linguistics on a casual level, you may have previously encountered this sentence: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.” This is, in fact, a fully grammatical English sentence—and without any punctuation, at that. … Continue reading

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#39 – Postcyberpunk and Transhumanism

After cyberpunk had its day, a more mature, less countercultural successor to it emerged, known as postcyberpunk. In this episode, we explore what makes it distinctive and how it ties in with the ideas of transhumanism. Book recommendation: Existence by … Continue reading

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