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TV Review: Star Trek: Picard

The wait is over. Star Trek: Picard is here. Yes, the newest Star Trek series, available exclusively on CBS All Access, brings the long-awaited return of Jean-Luc Picard, the favorite Star Trek captain of many fans, including myself. I just … Continue reading

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Television Review: Star Trek: Discovery

Sunday night marked the first return of Star Trek to television in 12 years with the release of the pilot of Star Trek: Discovery. Star Trek has always been my favorite science fiction franchise. (Yes, better than Star Wars. I … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

Well, it’s been a long time coming. It’s crazy how busy it is trying to finish a dissertation. But here it is: my review of Star Trek Beyond. (Dramatic pause…) That was awesome! Star Trek Beyond, directed by Justin Lin, … Continue reading

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Fan Fiction Review: Star Trek Continues, Episodes 1-4

I wrote about Star Trek Continues two years ago. It aims to create new episodes of the original Star Trek series in a style as close to the original as possible. I consider Star Trek Continues to be the best … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Light Fantastic by Jeffrey Lang

I have another Star Trek book for you. The Light Fantastic by Jeffrey Lang is a follow-up to the Cold Equations Trilogy, as is written by the same author as Immortal Coil, which I also enjoyed very much when it … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Cold Equations Trilogy by David Mack

Just like Star Wars, I never got really deep into the hundreds of books written for the various Star Trek series. However, there have been a few that interested me over the years. I recently picked up the Cold Equations … Continue reading

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Welcom to the Future, Part 2: Star Trek Continues

Fan-made Star Trek films and web series are nothing new. The first ones hit the Internet way back in 2000. However, a quick survey of these productions reveals that most of them suffer from substandard script-writing, substandard acting, or both, … Continue reading

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Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that I’m a life-long Trekkie. I’ve seen all of the movies (even the absurd Star Trek V) and most of all five series. I also thoroughly enjoyed J. J. Abrams’s in-universe reboot of … Continue reading

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