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Web Serial Review: 17776

17776 is kind of a weird one. It’s all online, so you can click to the beginning right here if you want. The Wikipedia page is here. It was posted in July, and I first saw it in August, but … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Interstellar

There is a certain type of film that asks you to swallow a really implausible premise from the outset. For example, a giant monster movie will often ask you to accept that the best way to fight a giant monster … Continue reading

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Review: xkcd TimeAfterTime

A year ago, I highlighted a unique new style of story telling from the xkcd webcomic entitled Time. Somewhere between a comic strip and a movie, this story displayed one new black-and-white frame, usually pretty closely associated with the previous one, every … Continue reading

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Movie review: Gravity

Well, this is a treat. It’s not often you see such quality hard science fiction on the big screen these days. Gravity is a film about two astronauts trying to survive after the Space Shuttle is destroyed by flying space … Continue reading

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xkcd’s Time: good science fiction in a new medium

For the past four months, perhaps the most unique work of science fiction I have ever personally seen has been playing out over at xkcd: Time. If you don’t know about the xkcd webcomics, you should check them out. They … Continue reading

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A brief, festive history of time travel

In this holiday season, let us take a moment to remember the first popular book that brought the idea of time travel to the readers of the world…A Christmas Carol. Wait, Charles Dickens was the father of time travel? Well, … Continue reading

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Book review: Amped by Daniel H. Wilson

In the future, brain implants are widespread. They can cure all sorts of neurological conditions, including ADD, epilepsy, learning disabilities, and even autism. They’re great for interfacing with prosthetic limbs, and healthy people can get them as an elective surgery … Continue reading

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