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Television Review: The Expanse

Okay, so this is another review that got delayed, and there’s one more coming, but then I’ll be caught up. The Expanse is a new show on Syfy based on the series of novels of the same name by James … Continue reading

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Television Review: Childhood’s End

So I’ve had a backlog of TV shows to watch that I’m finally catching up on, and I wanted to review a very special miniseries that Syfy ran last December: an adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End. It was … Continue reading

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How Many Seconds in Eternity?

There’s this wall of pure Azbantium. It’s 400 times harder than diamond and 20 feet thick. Once every few days*, the Doctor comes and punches it a few times. And when the Doctor punches his way all the way through … Continue reading

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Retro Movie Review: The Star Wars Holiday Special

On November 17, 1978, back when Star Wars was only a single film, CBS aired a made-for-TV “movie” entitled the Star Wars Holiday Special. This movie was never rebroadcast and has never been officially released on video (except for a … Continue reading

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Theology and Doctor Who

“How many seconds in eternity?” So this post is a little bit TV review, a little bit analysis, a little bit religious commentary, and a little bit blog recommendation. It’s complicated…or wibbly-wobby-timey-whimey, you might say. But Doctor Who tends to … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Returns with a Bang

Doctor Who kicked off its “9th” series this weekend with “The Magician’s Apprentice”. I have just four words to say about that. Out. Of. The. Park. This episode was epic–easily Peter Capaldi’s best performance as our favorite time-traveling alien and … Continue reading

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Fan Fiction Review: Star Trek Continues, Episodes 1-4

I wrote about Star Trek Continues two years ago. It aims to create new episodes of the original Star Trek series in a style as close to the original as possible. I consider Star Trek Continues to be the best … Continue reading

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