S2E3: Constructed Languages in Science Fiction

S2E13: Gary Bengier Interview A Reader's History of Science Fiction

In this episode, I interview Gary Bengier, former CFO of eBay and author of Unfettered Journey, a novel about philosophy and artificial intelligence. Gary's book recommendation: Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
  1. S2E13: Gary Bengier Interview
  2. S2E12: Catch-Up Episode #5: DC Movies
  3. S2E11: Nick Nocturne Discusses Unfiction
  4. S2E10: Interview: Brown and Hansen on Stephen King
  5. S2E9: Catch-Up Episode #4: Horror

Science fiction frequently plays with language in different ways to explore the concepts of philosophy, culture, and cognition; and constructed languages (or conlangs) are a big part of that. In this episode, I highlight how conlangs have contributed to the genre over its history.

TV recommendation: Defiance (Kastithanu, L’Irathi, Indojisnen, and Kinuk’aaz, by David J. Peterson)

My blog posts about language in Creationism.
jan Misali’s Conlang Critic playlist.

Other languages discussed:
Newspeak (Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell)
Láadan (Native Tongue, by Suzette Elgin)
Klingon (Star Trek, by Marc Okrand)
Na’vi (Avatar, by Paul Frommer)

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