S2E10: Interview: Brown and Hansen on Stephen King

S2E12: Catch-Up Episode #5: DC Movies A Reader's History of Science Fiction

Complementing my Marvel catch-up, I review the new DC superhero movies that have come out since the start of the pandemic. Movie recommendation: DC League of Super-Pets Other movies discussed: Wonder Woman 1984Black AdamZack Snyder's Justice League The Batman
  1. S2E12: Catch-Up Episode #5: DC Movies
  2. S2E11: Nick Nocturne Discusses Unfiction
  3. S2E10: Interview: Brown and Hansen on Stephen King
  4. S2E9: Catch-Up Episode #4: Horror
  5. S2E8: Techno-Thrillers

In the podcast’s first panel interview, I speak to two Stephen King scholars, Simon Brown and Regina Hansen, about King’s illustrious career and influence on science fiction.

Book and movie recommendation: The Dead Zone.

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