#19 – The New Wave

S2E9: Catch-Up Episode #4: Horror A Reader's History of Science Fiction

In the first of three horror-themed episodes for October, I discuss one class work that I passed over before and one new work. Recommendation: The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham Other work discussed: Jordan Peele's Nope
  1. S2E9: Catch-Up Episode #4: Horror
  2. S2E8: Techno-Thrillers
  3. S2E7: Catch-Up Episode #3: Marvel Movies
  4. S2E6: Anime Science Fiction
  5. S2E5: Paul Frommer Interview

In the 1960s, science fiction went through a major change as the New Wave moved it away from the hard sci-fi of the 50s into a softer, but more socially conscious space. In this episode, we overview the new ideas, themes, and authors of this period.

Book recommendation: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester.

Selected other books:
The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester
Non-Stop by Brian Aldiss
Hothouse by Brian Aldiss
Greybeard by Brian Aldiss
High-Rise by J. G. Ballard

And, in the spirit of the season, you can see Santa Claus Conquers the Martians free on YouTube. It’s public domain in the United States due to various errors on the part of the studio, including releasing it without a copyright notice. Or, there are RiffTrax out there, too.

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