Bible Reading Revised

One year ago I started on a plan to read the Bible cover to cover in, well, one year. I wrote my own reading plan to do this because I was dissatisfied with the various other plans I could find. I had two general principles in writing this plan: first, that particular stories should not be broken up in the middle, and second, that the readings should be roughly a similar length.

However, I later realized that I had made some mistakes in writing my plan. Some of the readings were too long, and some of them started or ended in the middle of a story. Therefore, I have now revised my plan to fix these problems by logging all the times when I thought the readings didn’t quite line up with the narratives and also getting a word count for each reading and splitting up the longest ones.

Click here to see my revised reading plan.

I definitely recommend trying to read through the Bible in a year, as it gives a very different perspective on many of the stories than breaking them down and only reading them one chapter at a time.

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I'm a full-time astrophysicist and a part-time science fiction writer.
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